Information Regarding Saliva Drug Test Kits Pros And Cons

Saliva Drug test kits are devices which are used to detect illicit drug abuse using saliva as a test sample. Saliva test kits are user friendly, dependable and accurate. In this guide, we talk about these kits briefly.

The best way Saliva drug test kits work?

• A 5 panel test kit comprises a saliva sample gathering part and a test part. The test sample is collected from the collecting part. A sponge bit in this part has to be complete with saliva.

• Make sure that the individual who undergoes this test does not have any food or beverage in mouth.

• Change in color happens in evaluation component of this kit if small amounts of medication are there in the saliva.

• Saliva is collected from the individual by swabbing or spitting. The spit sample empowers the test administrator to conduct the test multiple times.

• The saliva test could be treated at home (with a home When it’s conducted in a clinic, a swab is kept in mouth (under the tongue or between cheek and gums).

• The time period may be a few minutes until the swab collects enough saliva. Then, the swab is delivered to get clinical evaluation.

Particular groups of users such as companies, law enforcing agencies, insurers and parents. We discuss each briefly.

• Employment screening

Employers Use saliva drug tests as a pre-employment screening measure. It’s essential to be aware that under Federal government regulation, employers need to screen for each medication detected by saliva drug tests before putting the candidate in job.

• Law enforcement

Police tackle Testing on suspected drug abusers. Saliva tests are easy and convenient for the government to conduct. This helps them avoid injuries and resultant fatalities.

• Insurance medical checks

For Insurers it is very important that you be aware of the status of their prospects well being. They charge higher premium for drug users because such people are a higher risk group. Saliva testing helps insurers to determine the premium.

• Parents

Home Saliva drug test kits are useful for parents who suspect their children being under the influence of illicit substances. These kits rule out the need to visit a professional or a hospital. Parents can use these kits in the privacy of their property.

Pros and cons of saliva test kits


They’re simple to use and reliable, and do not require expert help.

• Just one sample is enough to test for major drugs which are mentioned in a previous paragraph.

• These kits reveal results quickly – within a couple of minutes and are accurate.

• These kits are cheap. Thus, they are useful for large scale use such as workplace drug testing done by companies.Buy A 5 Panel Instant Oral Cube Swab Drug Test Kit On Amazon


Saliva Drug Test Detection Times

• These kits cannot detect the presence of drugs in an individual if the period is more than 24 hours of usage of this medication. A hair follicle test will detect drugs for the longest duration of any of the other drug tests including urine.

Saliva Drug test kits have been created according SAMHSA.

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